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Pet Surgery from Your Wichita Falls Veterinarian

Surgical procedures play a role in keeping your pet healthy. When you have concerns about a specific problem, your pet may need surgery to start healing and recovering. Our Wichita Falls Veterinarian at Callfield Companion Animal Clinic recognizes the importance of proper treatment and care, so we offer surgical procedures to help with specific problems.

Pet Surgery

Reasons Your Pet May Need Surgery

The reasons to consider pet surgery depend on your dog or cat. Our Witchita Falls Veterinarian may suggest the procedure to remove tissues that cause health concerns or to address a problem.

Common reasons we recommend surgery include:

• Removing cancerous growths

• Removing other growths that interfere with your pet's health or cause physical pain

• Spaying or neutering a pet

• Improving a pet's behavior

• Helping with an injury

• Treating a deformity or physical problem

Surgical procedures depend on the needs of your pet. In some cases, we recommend the treatment for an ailment. In other situations, we recommend surgery to prevent complications.

Surgeries Performed by Your Wichita Falls Veterinarian

The type of surgery from our Wichita Falls Veterinarian depends on the situation. We recommend spaying and neutering your pets to prevent unwanted pregnancies or behaviors. We also recommend surgical procedures to remove cancerous cells from your pet, but the exact surgical procedure depends on the location of the cancer cells.

Elective surgical procedures are options you consider for aesthetic reasons or to address a pet's behavior. It does not necessarily relate to your pet's health. We may suggest certain elective procedures to prevent health risks, but you have the choice to consider alternative treatments.

Emergency pet surgery in our clinic addresses injuries from an accident. The procedure is necessary for your pet's health due to the severity of an injury.

About Anesthesia for Your Dog or Cat

When we recommend surgery for a dog or cat, we provide anesthesia. Anesthesia puts your pet to sleep for the duration of the surgical procedure. As a result, he or she will not move during the procedure and will have less pain. It keeps your pet calm throughout the surgery.

Although anesthesia prevents accidents or problems during surgery, you must follow the recommendations of a vet before the procedure. Do not feed your pet before surgery to avoid complications. If your pet has any allergies, then explain the allergies to a vet to prevent problems with any medications or anesthesia used during surgery.

Post-Operation Care

After completing the surgical procedure, we recommend different post-operation care in our clinic and at home. In most cases, you want to provide your pet with a safe and relaxing environment. Do not require your pet to stay outside and limit activity while he or she heals. We may provide medications for your pet to prevent infections. Follow the instructions of our veterinarian when giving your pet any medications. We also suggest follow-up visits to check for infections or health risks.

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Surgical procedures keep your pet healthy by removing dangerous tissues, preventing complications with your pet's physical body or treating an injury. To learn more about surgery for your pet in our clinic or to set up an appointment, call (940) 692-7000 today.

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My family has always taken all of our dogs here, and we've always been extremely pleased! All of the doctors are always super helpful, as well as the nurses and receptionists. One of my dogs was extremely sick with Parvo, and he wouldn't be here today if it wasn't for their expertise. They even called to check on him multiple times, which I thought was super sweet! I wouldn't take my dogs anywhere else in town for veterinary care.

Leah T. / Wichita Falls, TX

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